Cannabis Europa is excited to announce Toronto Stock Exchange as a Bronze Partner for our London conference this June at the Southbank Centre.

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Canada’s premier equities exchanges, Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) are home to over 3,000 listed companies with a total market capitalisation of almost $3 trillion (CAD). Together, TSX and TSXV represent the world’s most successful two-tiered ecosystem for supporting the long-term success of issuers across a wide range of sectors, with over 650 companies graduating from the junior to the senior market since 2001.

Cannabis Europa is the foremost arena to share knowledge and shape the future of medical cannabis in Europe, dedicated to creating a platform for European leadership in the global cannabis industry. Leaders gather for thought-provoking panel discussions that share best practices from regulated jurisdictions that aim to solve uniquely European issues facing this nascent industry. TSX is home to many innovative, cutting-edge cannabis companies, including the four Canadian giants which together account for about $46 billion (CAD) in market capitalisation.


Cannabis Europa brings together European entrepreneurs and leading operators in the medical cannabis industry to discuss specifics for companies looking to make initial public offerings as the cannabis industry goes mainstream. On June 24th and 25th we will explore the legal hurdles IPOs face in the cannabis industry and the role that stock exchanges play in growing this sector, as well as emerging differences between Europe and North America in raising capital.

“Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture’s globally unique two-tiered capital markets provided the growth capital that started the entire cannabis sector. We’re looking forward to discussing how companies have successfully leveraged this platform to become global leaders in this dynamic space.”

Brady Fletcher, Managing Director and Head of TSX Venture Exchange.

Cannabis Europa London will discuss the most important trends and opportunities in the global cannabis market, offering a meeting space for both European entrepreneurs and experienced global operators. Join the conversation now and book your ticket.


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