Tuesday 5 November 2019

  • Ahead of the Game: Pioneering the European Cannabis Industry

    As the first North American licensed producer to enter Europe, Tilray has been the first to
    achieve numerous milestones in the European market and pioneer its development. Its CEO Brendan
    Kennedy was exploring the European landscape long before reform became a European political
    trend. He will share with us the company’s journey in achieving this position, how Tilray sees
    the European market evolve in the years to come, and the role of Portugal to play in both
    Tilray’s and Europe’s development.


  • Politics + Reform in Europe

    We are seeing political progress in most European countries with medical cannabis programmes
    implemented in countries one after the other and CBD products available in various forms.
    Politicians from diverse European countries come together to testify that reform is around the
    corner in the old continent.


    Jane Heitmann MP
    Danish Parliament
    Senator Lyndon Farnham
    State of Jersey
  • Foreign Investment Opportunities in Europe

    European countries are increasingly positioning themselves to attract foreign direct investment
    for their newly created cannabis sector. We will hear from investment managers from European
    Governmental Foreign Investment Agencies and companies who used their guidance to shape their
    European strategy.


    Michael Prytz
    Investment Manager, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Sheldon Croome
    CEO, Atlas Growers
    Latham French
    UK Department of International Trade
    Dr Marcus Schmidt
    Director Healthcare and Chemicals, Germany Trade & Invest
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Europe

    Reform is giving birth to a myriad of startups around Europe. Be it their first entrepreneurial
    adventure or capitalising on successful ventures in other industries, innovators are taking on
    the European cannabis industry. Investors and entrepreneurs come together to discuss what makes
    the European startup ecosystem unique and promising.


    Narbé Alexandrian
    CEO, Canopy Rivers
    Louis Barré
    Managing Director, Greenfield Global Opportunities Fund
    Laure Bouguen
    CEO, Ho Karan
    Rebekah Hall
    Botanic Lab
  • Production + Supply in Europe

    Understanding how production and supply chains function in European markets is key to achieving
    entry. We will hear from professionals from the cannabis industry and sectors that will be
    heavily impacted by the growth of this market in Europe (pharma, transport, distribution, etc.)
    discuss what makes the European infrastructure unique, and how can investors take advantage of


    Angus Whiteman
    Director of Business Development, G4S international
    Hannah Skingle
    COO, Dragonfly Biosciences
    Alexandra Chong
    CEO, Jacana
    Hughes Lecat
    Chairman, Ethypharm
  • Global + Local

    An increasing number of North American companies have chosen local partners to establish their
    presence in Europe. We’re bringing on stage some of the best examples of these transatlantic
    partnerships. It is the opportunity for our guests to understand what (and where) to look in the
    European landscape to build such partnerships, and why it is so important to have local partners
    that know the regulatory, political, social and economic specifics of the European cannabis


    Will Stewart
    SVP, Harvest One
    Rami Chalabi
    Partner, McCarthy Tétrault