Cannabis Europa is excited to announce Shimadzu as a silver partner for the London conference on June 24th and 25th at the Southbank Centre.

Shimadzu is a medical equipment producer specialising in analytical instruments. The company develops cannabis testing solutions, such as potency testing and terpene profiling.

For us, it’s important to meet people, to get ourselves seen, to transport our message. To meet people, where we can support people in their efforts, that they are already doing. We need to get involved, hear what people have to say and find collaboration possibilities.
— Dr. Gesa Schad, Product manager at Shimadzu Europa

Shimadzu, a Japanese company with a history of embracing new frontiers in science and technology, is a longtime leader in analytical chemistry and life sciences. “We focus and supply both research and quality control labs. It’s really more that people are contacting us, they know us from US, Canadian labs, and are calling.”

On asking what she thinks about the nascent nature of the European medical cannabis industry, Dr Schad says:

“[Medical cannabis has] been around for a long time, and there are people who have worked on it and have a lot of experience. However, there is still research work to be done to establish the exact mechanism that is involved in the effects of cannabis, and regulation needs to be fast-tracked to allow for this. We want to be involved.

Research efforts are a crucial part of the path toward regulatory reform and the advancement of the medical cannabis industry. Further down that path, analytical chemistry will be integral in the standardisation of medical cannabis products, acting as a bridge between international cannabis producers and European pharmaceutical giants.

Join us on the 8th of February in Paris to help shape the future of medical cannabis in Europe. Buy your ticket now.

Eoin Keenan