Cannabis Europa is proud to announce Phytoplant Research as a Bronze Partner for our Paris conference on February 8th at Maison de la Chimie.

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Phytoplant Research S.L. is a privately owned Spanish company founded in 2008 which specialises in the field of phytotherapy research, the science-based medical use of plants. Phytoplant helps research and develop products in pharmaceutical, nutritional and skin care industries. 

Phytoplant’s ‘passion for science and cannabinoid research’, is emblematic of the Cannabis Europa ideal to move the European industry forward with the highest standards of science. 


Phytocannabinoids are cannabinoids - active compounds - that occur naturally in the cannabis plant. Phytoplant Research focuses on R&D of products that contain plant material and extracts, as well as essential and seed oils, keeping a close eye on latest research developments in Europe. The company specialises in developing the industrial chain of medicinal plants, from selection and breeding to registration, cultivation of registered varieties and obtaining derived products. 

Cannabis Europa Paris will feature a number of panels related to the future of research on cannabinoids, which will debate topics such as the benefits of full spectrum products versus extracts/isolated compound products, and the potential for biosynthesis to become a disruptive technology for the medical cannabis industry. 


Phytoplant Research S.L. is a pioneer in breeder's rights in Europe. The company currently holds plant breeder's rights for 12 varieties of medical cannabis, and one variety of industrial cannabis in the Community Plant Variety Office of the European Union (CPVO), including various patents to efficiently purify phytocannabinoids to produce APIs.

Panels at Cannabis Europa Paris will examine the issue of patents and the extent to which they are applicable to phytocannabinoids, as well as looking at how medical cannabis patents are enforceable. 

If you’re unable to join us this February in Maison de la Chimie, tickets for this spring’s Cannabis Europa London will be available from February 11th 2019. Sign up for updates below here: 

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