London, June 24th-25th


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Monday 24 June
09:30 - 17:00: Conference Day 1
Southbank Centre

The conference will start with a welcome breakfast and introduction, followed by lively talks and discussions featuring a range of European and international experts.

Time throughout the day will be reserved for networking and further chance to discuss the panels, and guests will be treated to lunch overlooking the iconic Thames River.

Panels will take place in the beautiful Queen Elizabeth Hall and Purcell Room at London’s Southbank Centre.

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Tuesday 25 June
09.30 - 17:00: Conference Day 2
Southbank Centre

Talks will continue throughout the second day of conference at Southbank Centre.

Guests will be offered lunch and time will be designated for networking and reflection throughout the day.

The conference will end with an evening drinks reception where guests are invited to continue their conversations on the two days’ events in the spectacular Queen Elizabeth Hall foyer at Southbank Centre.



In 2019, Cannabis Europa London will take a closer look at the people behind the political and regulatory developments and on the forefront of innovation in medical cannabis in Europe.


Driven by research and ever-improving regulatory frameworks, more and more patients across the continent are accessing medical cannabis.

In European parliaments, an increasing number of cross-party leaders are becoming strong advocates to ensure patient access remains at the centre of the regulation process.


Parallel to this, enthusiasm for a new and exciting sector has led to a flurry of entrepreneurship, both from independent entrepreneurs and larger established business from other industries. People-driven policy and businesses are ushering in a new era for patients across the world.

Although the wheels of change are in motion for patients, decision makers, and professionals in Europe, a number of obstacles remain that slow down the development of a fully functioning nascent industry on the continent.



Historically, patients have been the only voice for reform in most European countries. Unheard by their elected officials and ignored by their doctors, they were alone in exploring the complexities of the science of medical cannabis. In recent years, new influential voices from both the medical and political spheres have seized the issue and are advocating along with and on behalf of patients. One of the main challenges patients now face is accessing their medicine once it becomes legal, as well as finding standardised products with precise dosing and experienced medical professionals at their side willing to prescribe them.

Cannabis Europa London will explore how the standardisation of processes and practices, and the education of healthcare professionals in the medical cannabis industry will be key to ensure a well functioning medical cannabis regulation framework across European countries.



The European Parliament recently voted a resolution calling on the European Commission to define medical cannabis. Although this is an additional step towards a unified European regulation framework, the regulation of cannabis on a EU-level seems to remain a low priority on the agenda of the European Commission, despite patients’ urgent need for access. Within national jurisdictions, new voices for reform have managed to bring the issue to the forefront, but governments remain slow to implement policies, cautiously advancing step by step.

Cannabis Europa London in 2019 will explore how the plurality of regulation models in Europe can be an asset for EU regulators as they compare how systems work for patients, and consider harmonised laws regulating medical cannabis within the Union and in the rest of Europe.



In countries where medical cannabis has been regulated, established professionals from diverse backgrounds are increasingly showing interest in the promising industry. While healthcare professionals are slowly learning to prescribe medical cannabis, a wide variety of business stakeholders are quickly entering the sector, looking to capitalise on its potential. From management consultants, to design experts, to partners at law firms, new professional talent is flowing in.

Cannabis Europa London will examine how the involvement of a variety of industries in the nascent sector will address the human capital shortage that the industry is facing, and shape its professionalisation.



In Conversation | London 2019 Speakers

Leading voices from the worlds of European politics, pharmaceuticals, professional services and industry.