Blair Gibbs


Blair Gibbs is public policy consultant and government relations advisor based in Canada. He specialises in policy, regulations and political developments affecting legal cannabis markets. Prior to relocating to Canada, Blair served for 4 years in the UK government, as a senior advisor to the Secretary of State for Justice and prior to this as a mayoral advisor for Boris Johnson at City Hall in London. In both roles he formulated policy around policing, criminal justice diversion, drug treatment services, therapeutic courts, and alcohol sobriety pilots. He saw up close how current drug laws and prohibition impacts society and undermines the justice and healthcare systems. In 2018, he co-founded the UK’s new Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC). He serves as their policy lead, helping more stakeholders navigate the policy and regulations of the new medicinal regime. He also advises companies in the legal cannabis sectors in Canada, the Channel Islands, Australia and the UK. Blair is currently on the steering committee for a 5-year Stanford University project translating neuroscience research on addiction to policy-makers, and is the co-author of a forthcoming CMC report into the UK’s CBD market.

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