The Cannabis Europa Session Selector project is an opportunity for the global Cannabis Europa community to have its say on the content presented at future summits.


How It Works

Anyone can submit their panel or presentation idea, and you can submit as many panels or presentations as you like. Submissions will close on February 28th at 23:59 GMT

Shortly after submissions close, the public will be able to vote on their favourite panel or presentation that they would like to see at Cannabis Europa London, June 2022

Once public voting closes, our expert judges and the Cannabis Europa Directors will also review all the presentations and panels submitted before choosing their favourites. The final panel or presentation will be selected through the accumulation of Community Voting (30%), Cannabis Europa Expert Judges (30%) and the Cannabis Europa Directors (40%).

The winning panel or presentation will be announced in April 2022. 

If your submission is chosen for Cannabis Europa London, June 2022, you will be responsible for the delivery of your panel or presentation. 

Submission Formats

All submissions for conference content must be as either a presentation or panel discussion, lasting between 40 – 50 minutes

Presentations include one to two experts offering deep dives into targeted topics. 

Panels feature between three and four industry professionals sharing different perspectives and opinions based on a specific subject – with the intention to create a lively conversation.

Submission Themes

Every submission must fall into one of the following five themes:

Innovation in Healthcare

CBD, THC, Cannabinoids, Endocannabinoid System, telemedicine, mental health, pain management, novel applications.

The Supply Chain

Banking, packaging innovation, testing, cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, transportation and retail.

Ethical Industry Practices

Social Equity, patient rights, share-ability of data, corporate activism, new strategies for inclusiveness.

The Next Big Idea

New products, new markets, new business models, new approaches to funding, and untapped revenue streams.

Science & Technology

Neuroscience, Psychotherapy, AI/ML, blockchain,  enterprise solutions, hardware, software, wearables and accessibility.


November 2021 Submission Opens

February 28 2022 – Submissions Close 

March 7 2022 – Public Voting Opens

March 31 2022 – Public Voting Closes

April 2022 – Winner(s) Announced

June 2022 – Winning Content Delivered at Cannabis Europa London