Rick Brar


In the early 2010s, Rick saw the opportunity to transition his experience with nutraceuticals and plants to become a pioneer in the Canadian cannabis industry. In 2011, he co-founded Zenabis Global Inc., a leading Canadian licensed producer, and during his tenure helped grow the company to a market cap of close to CAD$900 million. Rick has also been an active contributor to existing regulations, having been a part of the ACPMR Stakeholder Roundtable for Bill C45.

Now, leading the helm at Brains Bioceutical, Rick is following his knowledge of the cannabis space into Europe. He has used his extensive insight and expertise to enable the company to become a leading producer of EU-GMP-certified CBD active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), establish the company’s product as Brazil’s first registered medical cannabis product, and develop a partnership with the UK’s largest vitamin distribution company.